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Nia with Kellie gives you a grand opportunity to step in and leave it all on the dance floor. She welcomes you with kindness and reassures you each step of the way that this is fun as well as good for your whole body. I am saying 5 stars and thumbs way up!!
— Carolyn B
I always leave Kellie’s Nia class with a smile on my face (and sweat dripping in my eyes!). Kellie’s love and enthusiasm for this beautiful movement form, Nia, shines through in all she does. I draw so much inspiration from dancing with Kellie and pretend that I can dance a beautifully as she does.
— Dael P
I’m new to NIA & was hesitant to take an exercise class that was dance based as I have absolutely no dance experience. Kellie is a wonderful instructor. She had me feeling comfortable, moving & laughing by the end of the first class. Now I’m hooked for life!
— Susie R
Until discovering Kellie’s Nia class, I never imagined that exercise could be so much fun! Kellie is a gifted teacher, and I leave her classes not only physically exhilarated but also mentally refreshed and inspired. Definitely 5 stars!
— Susan L
Dancing with Quincy is an inspiration. It’s her rare combination of can-do energy, plus wisdom about letting our bodies be and enjoy what happens. I’ve been dancing with Quincy for ... 10 years? 4 venues now? I’d follow even further than Pleasant Hill! :-) And it’s a lovely studio.
— Amanda
I have been taking NIA classes with Quincy for three years and I am absolutely addicted. I cannot live without NIA. Quincy combines her experiences of being a yoga instructor and massage therapist to all her routines. She focuses on injury prevention. I highly recommend her classes.
— Olga
Quincy’s classes are awesome! She teaches to all the different levels of experience and fitness in the room, and explains the moves and offers guidance without missing a beat (literally!). What I love most is her contagious enthusiasm for Nia and fitness and just feeling good in your body!
— Courtney R
I found the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow!! It’s here in Pleasant Hill at Just Move! What a delight to be able to “stay home” and exercise. I say exercise with a smile on my face because when I’m taking a Nia Class with Kellie or Quincy it’s an absolute joy to dance (exercise) with these vivacious, energetic and gifted Nia teachers. Time flies, balance and muscles are improving and I end up in a total sweat not even being aware how I got there. Step out of your comfort zone, join us and dance your way to a better YOU.
— Karen M
NIA with Kellie is so fun you forget that you are exercising...as you look around you can’t help but notice everyone is smiling. It’s great for my body, helping me to prevent injuries so I can pursue my other activities, and great for my mind, encouraging memory and learning new skills. Try it!
— Rae Lynn B
I was incredibly active until I had my daughter. After five years of being a mom I could feel the distance between my mind and body growing rapidly and serious depression was sinking in. Luckily I started taking classes right after Just Move opened and I have been growing stronger, more confident and happier in my own skin ever since. Kellie and Quincy are amazing NIA teachers with a TON of positive energy and Wayne has been helping me form a routine over in the gym that is really making a difference. I can’t recommend this place enough! I’m getting in shape and having fun doing it.
— Katie A
Kellie’s Nia class was the first dance class I have taken since a very serious accident in 2007. It was so much fun! Even with a bit of moderation a I was able to keep up, loving the beat of the music. Nia has boosted my self-confidence and I hope to take more classes in the future.
— Marta B
So far I’ve had the opportunity to try five different classes with four different instructors at Just Move. They are all fantastic trainers who make their classes a lot of fun.

I had fallen off the exercise wagon for a few years and it has been great to return to an environment that is so positive & supportive, no matter your current fitness level. I’ve been to exercise classes at a dozen gyms over the past 25 years and the instructors & classes at Just Move are by far the best I’ve ever experienced.
— Kristin N
I love the new studio in P.Hill! I have been doing NIA with Quincy for 8 years and recall the first time Kellie came to a class. Quincy’s energy is contagious. Because I’m otherwise resistant to “formal” exercise, NIA dance has become my mainstay. Quincy incorporates personal growth and spirituality in her teaching method and makes all ability levels feel welcome and well worked-out! She demonstrates varying levels of dance and poses and is always easy to follow ... and hear! I have even attended NIA classes while on a knee scooter after having had consecutive surgeries on my feet! The personal growth element is gained by quieting the mind and listening to the messages that result from movement and in stillness. This element is enhanced in Quincy’s yoga classes and by her gentle, encouraging instruction. I have become more flexible not only in body but in the ways I accept and handle the world around me. It is great to follow NIA with a yoga class and I am liking that routine on Saturday mornings at Just Move. I also enjoy the wide array of participants/students and it is nice to make new social connections during and after classes. Quincy promotes such connection and her willingness and ability to listen to the needs of her students is amazing. She meets us where we are and guides us to our higher selves. You won’t find me in a gym— because dance and yoga are the kinds of exercise that don’t feel like exercise to me— and I am thankful to Quincy for leading me on this path and for the beautiful studio that Kellie has designed — it’s a great space in so many ways.
— Jeannie S