Just Move offers a variety of dance and fitness classes designed to get you moving!

  • Image Specialized Personal Training

    Specialized Personal Training

    We are so lucky to have such an amazing training staff at Just Move. Below you can see brief descriptions of their specialties!

    Brittany Cushman is a Level 2 Facial Stretch Therapist as well as a fantastic all around fitness trainer. Her FST training allows her to address chronic pain, and promote long lasting joint mobility, and range of motion. Go beyond traditional stretching and experience the benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). FST removes trigger points and scar tissue, radically improves range of motion and muscle activation. This training allows her to help clients stretch more effectively by using extremities in unique patterns that mobilize, stretch, and manipulate the far edges of the body's fascial net.

  • Image Lower Body Mobility and Stability Workshop

    Lower Body Mobility and Stability Workshop



    5:00-7:00 PM

    Do you deal with hip or knee pain or instability?  If so, this workshop is for you!

    Your hips are one of the most complex and important joints in the body, with potential for a fair amount of mobility.  Due to habits from sitting, standing, and general postural imbalances, the tissue surrounding the hip joint can become tight, limiting, the joint's actual range of motion.  

    This results in stiffness from the lower back down, and incites injury.  Likewise, over-stretched hips that lack the strength required to stabilize the joint are also prone to aggravation and can lead to chronic knee pain and instability.  Come join your community in this 2 hour workshop led by Kellie Chambers, Level 2 Melt and Nia Black Belt Instructor, and Brittany Cushman, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Fitness Coach.  They'll lead an interactive session on the why's and how's of lower body mobility and stability.  

    You will learn, practice, and take home a number of techniques to use that will improve your movements, reduce pain and significantly decrease your chance of over-use injuries.  

    Register online under Enrollments.  Early Bird Pricing $20. 

    $25 at Door

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Massage Therapist On Site

Licensed massage therapist with seven years of experience, Kim Metzler, is located within Just Move Studio. Schedule a massage after a workout and enjoy the spa-like luxuries Just Move has to offer. Modalities include Swedish, Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, Medical, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, and Relaxation massage. For scheduling information, contact Kim Metzler at 541-517-3452. Hours are by appointment. VISA/Mastercard accepted.