Just Move offers a variety of dance and fitness classes designed to get you moving!

  • Image A Weekend of Nia With Britta von Tagen

    A Weekend of Nia With Britta von Tagen

    International Teacher and Teacher Trainer Britta von Tagen joins just move for a weekend workshop series on May 20th through 21st. We will have three classes and workshops, choose your favorite or sign up for all three here today!

    Our Program includes a Master Nia Class with Britta on Saturday (5:30p-6:30p) followed by a workshop entitled "The Art of Breathing: a Nia Dance and Meditation Workshop" (6:30p-8:30p). This workshop will teach you to use belly breath and other methods to find comfort and relaxation in your body and mind. The workshop will blend movement, knowledge and freedance to explore this concept and embed tools for life in your body and breath.

    On Sunday we will have another Nia workshop on connective tissue and fascia entitled "Your Every Fiber: a Nia Workshop with Britta". Come to this workshop to learn how the latest discoveries in research into the body's fascia and connective tissue integrates with the language of sensation and words without words found in the practice of Nia.

  • Image Break out of your old fitness routine and try something New!

    Break out of your old fitness routine and try something New!

    If you haven't tried a Nia Class you should come and check one out!  

    Nia is a cardio dance group fitness class that incorporates martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts.  Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their body, mind, emotions, and spirit by paying attention to sensation.  

    You will be inspired by the music, the moves, and the creative freedom to condition your body at any fitness level.  It is fun, energetic, and invigorating and never dull or monotonous.  Check out the schedule, we offer Nia several times a day. Our instructors, Kellie and Quincy create a welcoming, fun, accessible space allowing you to feel comfortable to dance your body's way.  

    You will be amazed at how good your body feels, as well as have a smile on your face!      

First Class is Free

Come check out the amazing classes we have to offer! Your first class is on us.

Massage Therapist On Site

Licensed massage therapist with seven years of experience, Kim Metzler, is located within Just Move Studio. Schedule a massage after a workout and enjoy the spa-like luxuries Just Move has to offer. Modalities include Swedish, Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, Medical, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, and Relaxation massage. For scheduling information, contact Kim Metzler at 541-517-3452. Hours are by appointment. VISA/Mastercard accepted.