Stop in and check out the Just Move Boutique and Gift Shop! Our lifestyle store carries health and beauty products, Melt products, exercise equipment, jewelry and gifts. Whether you're just browsing, looking to add new products to your daily routine or searching for a gift idea, we have a variety of products that can suit your needs. We pride ourselves in carrying organic, chemical free products. Vendors include:

Artisan Gifts

Our artisan boutique candles bring a spa like atmosphere to your home. Featuring brands like Lotus Love Beauty, Park Hill Collections and Vance Family Soy Candles. We also carry Body Care products made from natural ingredients from local manufacturers. Simple gifts offer a luxury experience with lavender scented soaps and other goodies. Perfect for hostess gifts, birthdays and celebrations.

Balanced Green Energy Food
  • Energy Food Original and Energy Food Tropical: This superfood drink was designed to help balance your body's chemistry: blood, cell life and organs. It also provides minerals and alkalizes the body, as well as gently detoxing the body daily. Balanced Green targets chronic health issues, provides prevention and gives vibrant long term health.
  • Supreme Protein Balanced Green Energy Food: Formulated with highly absorbent plant protein, omegas and the original formula of the Balanced Green Energy Food to supercharge your shake.
  • Fulvic Acid Minerals: Delivers substantial amounts of nutrients and minerals and their living energies into living cells, oxygenating the blood. It is called nature's most powerful organic electrolyte, antioxidant, and one of nature's most aggressive free radical scavengers; also providing 72 trace minerals and 15 amino acids. Fulvic super-oxygenates the blood, which is why it is highly attractive to athletes. Fulvic is a catalyst which will drive all nutrients to a deeper cellular level, accelerating health and healing.

Home Decor

We carry a variety of pillows that both amuse and inspire. Sweet phrases will be sure to bring a sense of warmth and humor to the home. Throw a few on the couch or bed and bring focus and intent to your living space.

We also have beautiful home and gift items that are unique to this market and moderately priced.  Whether something inspires you, makes you laugh, or brings out your creative side, we have a wide selection to choose from for that special gift for your friend or family member.  Who knows, you might just have to get something for yourself!

Just Move Apparel

Environmentally conscious apparel made of bamboo fabrics. Naturally sustainable bamboo is soft, light and translucent making it the next generation in textile fibers. Bamboo's inherent characteristics make it naturally hypoallergenic and moisture wicking without any chemical treatments. Bamboo's most esteemed characteristic is its natural sustainability. It requires no fertilizers or pesticides for its cultivation. It grows rapidly and profusely without depleting the soil and its anti-bacterial qualities repel odor and toxins.

Seasonal Decorations

Celebrate each holiday season with whimsical decor and gifts from the Just Move Boutique. With Halloween just around the corner we have a wide selection of charming felted characters to spruce up the home and make any interior BOO-tiful. 

Timeless Jewelry and Accessories

The Just Move Boutique includes a collection of timeless jewelry pieces that are sure to become treasured everyday favorites. Necklaces with simple charms and bracelets with intention words like travel, faith, explore and adventure bring personal meaning to classically designed and elegant pieces.