Meet Our Staff

  • Image Kellie Chambers - Owner/Instructor

    I am a certified MELT Instructor offering classes that help you relieve stress in your body to get you out of pain and stiffness. I teach MELT Method simple self-treatment techniques using a soft roller and Melt soft balls.  I am also a Black Belt NIA, NIA Moving to Heal, and NIA Move IT Instructor with an extensive dance background. In my classic NIA classes, I offer a high-energy experience that will get you moving in a fun environment. In my NIA Moving to Heal classes, I offer a safe, gentle, easy to follow dance based class that allows you to sense your own body's way to heal through movement. I love to dance and I continue to grow a deeper understanding of my body, my health and my spirit through NIA. My classes will inspire you to do the same.  I am committed to gaining a deeper understanding of the science and self-discovery of my body through my NIA and Melt practice and it is my wish to share the healing benefits of these practices with my community. 

  • Image Scott Chambers - Owner

    I'm a lifelong athlete, passionate about football and track which I have both played and coached. Proper training gives athletes an edge that they can take to the field, court, mountain trail, etc. Come see what we can do for you in our modern facility dedicated to the athlete in all of us.

  • Image Kendra Goldberg - General Manager

    My mother founded this studio shortly after she began teaching. After college I moved around frequently and worked a wide variety of jobs, from farmhand to waitress and briefly worked on a climate change research project. During that time of I took my white belt training and found a depth of wisdom and creativity present in Nia that helped ground and center me through the changes. You'll mostly find me these days managing the front desk on the gym side, substitute teaching classes and keeping things running at Just Move!

  • Image Megan McGregor - Instructor/Trainer

    Of course I love to move, and I especially love to share my joy of movement with others. My favorite thing is to see a student's eyes light up when they accomplish something they couldn't do before. I am honored that I am able to make my passion my career, and to be able to help clients appreciate both the physical and the mental benefits of exercise. With over 20 years of experience teaching movement, a BS in Exercise and Movement Science from UO with a Dance Minor, and 10 years of experience in Pilates instruction, I am convinced that movement is necessary for both the body and the soul!

  • Image Brittany Cushman - Trainer

    I believe fitness is a journey toward achieving an ideal lifestyle. As your guide, my intent is to make the journey as rewarding, fun, and motivating as possible! I know this firsthand because I followed that path, starting at a young age. I began my love of fitness at the age of 14. At that time I started working with a personal trainer to take my soccer game to the elite level. Little did I know that this relationship would change my life and lead me to my main passion: coaching people, showing them how to obtain their optimal well-being.

    I completed a masterís degree in Integrative Health where I learned how to create individualized, client-centered approaches to wellness based on the most progressive strategies in preventive health and lifestyle behaviors. I've been a personal trainer in the Bay Area for the past 4 years, utilizing my education, experience and athletic background in the work I do as a personal trainer.

  • Image Ropheka Gershom - Instructor

    My name is Ropheka and I have a passion for exercise and healthy living! I graduated from Lane Community College in 2016 with an AAS degree in Exercise & Movement Science, and I am now a group exercise instructor and an ACSM certified Personal Trainer. When Iím not in the gym, I can be found hiking, snowboarding, surfing (my favorite!) or in the kitchen cooking up my favorite dishes. What makes any activity more fun though, is sharing it with a friend, which is why I canít wait to meet you and start training together!